Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Blind Boys of Alabama - 30 March 2013, Bluesfest

For me at least, the Blind Boys of Alabama were one of the unexpected treats that make going to festivals worthwhile. It didn't hurt that they had a crowd that was both reverent and raucous. The band had a pretty good idea of what people wanted to hear, but still managed to play a few tracks that, at least for a casual listener like me, weren't familiar. It was great to get to hear Down in the Hole, although there were a few very weird seconds of trying to figure out what song they could possibly be playing that I would be so familiar with.

All the recordings from Bluesfest are of OK, but not super quality.

[Forgot to add the the setlist, sorry about that]

People Get Ready
Spirit in the Sky
Down in the Hole (w/ Charlie Musslewhite)
Take the High Road
There Will Be a Light
Free at Last
Amazing Grace
Look Where He Brought Me From
Higher Ground!YEMSkTzZ!fge7Fy-EbQALcu7-SblgVQ

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