Friday, 27 December 2013

The Breeders - Release the Bats (Palais Theatre), 26 October 2013

I wasn't going to put this one up because the sound quality at the venue was pretty iffy right up until Divine Hammer. But someone asked for it so here it is. Like I said regarding Television's set, it would have been nice to have got  more out of this than people at their headline shows. Unfortunately, we 'only' got all of Last Splash. The highlights of that album are pretty obvious and remained highlights live. Kim Deal's exuerance was pretty refreshing after Tom Verlaine's dour performance and Fuck Buttons (understandable) intentness.

Anyway, the sound quality of this isn't super, but its very listenable if you're interested.!VMMi3ZJQ!BqOtKS5bkx8Vyw1cGoQ0YQ

Friday, 20 December 2013

Paul Kelly - The Toff in Town (The Story So Far), 24 November 2013

You don't often get an opportunity to see someone like Paul Kelly at a venue as small as the Toff, so when you do, it's tough to pass up. Obviously others had the same idea, because there was an enormous line when I turned up (partly caused by some poor organisation). There had barely been time to get everyone in before the show started. The Story So Far is a RRR show where musicians perform and discuss there history and influences. The questions weren't always very good, but it was interesting to hear about Paul Kelly's favourite songs, particularly because, with one exception, they weren't even close to the type of thing I would have picked.

As I say everytime I post an acoustic show like this, these are the hardest shows to record. I think I'm slowly getting better, because this isn't too bad. But anyone who wants to can wait until this is broadcast (it was videoed, but I don't know when it'll be shown).!hVFAhChA!YZ3Qv1q64eEpg7pTEu2tVw

Free Albums - Merry Beardmas!

Just in time for Christmas, here is something put together at the good folk over at the Steam Engine. This features Christmas related tracks from a variety of artists. The quality varies between studio and very good audience recordings (mostly studio quality).

Hopefully you manage to slip this on when Grandma tries to play her Christmas carols CD.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Divine Fits - Radio & TV Sessions

I mentioned a while back that I was working on putting together a few sets from artists I like, but that don't seem to be as widely available as I think they should. The first one was for War on Drugs (more to come on that) and this one is for Divine Fits. It's my attempt to get every TV, radio and internet session they've done and put it all in one place. I know that at least one thing is missing (and probably more), but this is a pretty comprehensive accounting of their work, including their new single and some covers.

Would That Not Be Nice [CD102.5 Big Room]
My Love is Real [CD102.5 Big Room]
Flaggin' a Ride [CD102.5 Big Room]
Baby Get Worse [David Letterman]
My Love is Real [Sound Opinions]
Civilian Stripes [Sound Opinions]
Would That Not Be Nice [Sound Opinions]
Shivers [Sound Opinions]
Like Ice Cream [Jimmy Kimmel]
You Got Lucky [Jimmy Kimmel]
Would That Not Be Nice [The Current]
Civilian Stripes [The Current]
Civilian Strips [World Cafe]
Would That Not Be Nice [World Cafe]
For Your Heart [World Cafe]
Shivers [World Cafe]
Civilian Stripes [Moog Sound Lab]
Civilian Stripes [Bowery Presents]
Would That Not Be Nice [Like a Version]
Hungry Heart [Like a Version]
What Gets You Alone [Pitchfork TV]
My Love is Real [KEXP]
Would That Not Be Nice [KEXP]
Civilian Stripes [KEXP]
Shivers [KEXP]
Flaggin' a Ride [KCRW]
Like Ice Cream [KCRW]
My Love is Real [Studio Q]
Would That Not Be Nice [Studio Q]
Chained to Love [Conan O'Brien]
Ain't That the Way [Conan O'Brien]
Would That Not Be Nice [RJD2 Remix]
My Love is Real [Kingdom Remix]!8BdWwALR!CN8c6CwHZx8UcigdF8TH7Q

Monday, 9 December 2013

My Morning Jacket - Forecastle Festival, 14 July 2012

I've been looking to get my hands on a few My Morning Jacket shows, but its a bit overwhelming since there are so many and no list (as far as I can find) of the 'essential' shows. I'm still looking for a few more, but as far as recent shows go, this one from the middle of last year is a gem. The band play songs from across their career, plus throw in a few choice covers, including a long version of George Michael's Careless Whisper, featuring an extended discussion of the importance of bananas.

I got this from the good folks at the Steam Engine, so go there to grab a copy -

The Dark
(Holdin' On To) Black Metal
Wordless Chorus
I'm Amazed
It Beats For You
Steam Engine
Isn't It A Pity
Outta My System
Rocket Man
The Bear
Run Thru
It Makes No Difference
Smokin' From Shootin
Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part 2
Victory Dance
Careless Whisper
One Big Holiday

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Television - Release the Bats, Palais Theatre, 26 October 2013

Expectations for Release the Bats were pretty low after it got announced that they were relocating to the Palais and the Prince Bandroom. The two venues are about 15 minutes from each other, plus the Palais is a seated venue and this was a GA event. It ended up being a really well managed event with a great crowd.

Having said all that a festival that only operates in one city really needs to offer something special, beyond what every other city gets. The festival failed pretty badly on that account - both headliners only got an hour to play, and the Breeders headline shows included not just all of Last Splash, but all of Pod as well. That makes having this festival in Melbourne more of a curse than a blessing for Victorians. Hopefully in future they'll sort this out, or simply scrap the festival and have the bands play their own shows.

In terms of Television's actual set, the reviews from some of their early shows were mediocre so, again, my expectations weren't too high. In the end they played pretty well, although Tom Verlaine had no interest in trying to engage the crowd, which resulted in long, awkward periods of dead air between songs. Nonetheless, they songs themselves were played professionally enough and the set was fairly enjoyable.!xc9jgLiQ!T56uKROVCUVXvaXZEVo97w

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Superchunk - Forum Theatre, 15 and 16 November 2013

Neutral Milk Hotel's tour pulled together a pretty great group of Harvest outcasts. Personally, I didn't know Superchunk's stuff going into this show, but I was really impressed. Unfortunately, the recording of the first night's show has pretty much constant talking from a few people right next to me. Thankfully, the second night was a lot better, which resulted in a better recording. It was also nice to see them vary their sets between the two nights, and the consistent quality really shows the depth of their material.

15 November 2013

Throwing Things
Learned to Surf
Seed Toss
Detroit Has a Skyline
So Convinced
Kicked In
Water Wings
Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
Digging for Something
Slack Motherfucker
Hyper Enough

16 November 2013

Driveway to Driveway
Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
Animated Airplanes Over Germany
Punch Me Harder
Out of the Sun
Hello Hawk
Iron On
Nu Bruises
Like a Fool
Digging for Something
Slack Motherfucker
Precision Auto

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Blur - Maida Vale Studios, 31 July 2013

Just as I was in the process of organising this it was announced that Blur have cancelled their Big Day Out appearance. No word yet on a replacement or whether Blur will return this year, but in the meantime, here's a taste of what you missed out on. A word of warning - the sound is good, but not as good as most of the other soundboards I put up.

Tracy Jack
Out of Time
Young & Lovely
End of a Century
Mr Briggs
This is a Low
Under the Westway
For Tomorrow
The Universal!wAU2GDjI!Mp1irRN-zWoLm6WBDBwrgw