Friday, 27 December 2013

The Breeders - Release the Bats (Palais Theatre), 26 October 2013

I wasn't going to put this one up because the sound quality at the venue was pretty iffy right up until Divine Hammer. But someone asked for it so here it is. Like I said regarding Television's set, it would have been nice to have got  more out of this than people at their headline shows. Unfortunately, we 'only' got all of Last Splash. The highlights of that album are pretty obvious and remained highlights live. Kim Deal's exuerance was pretty refreshing after Tom Verlaine's dour performance and Fuck Buttons (understandable) intentness.

Anyway, the sound quality of this isn't super, but its very listenable if you're interested.!VMMi3ZJQ!BqOtKS5bkx8Vyw1cGoQ0YQ

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