Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Free Album: Little Hurricane - Stay Classy

Free albums used to be something I put up regularly, but not for a while. Well here's another one. I can't remember how I found these guys, I just found their album on my hard drive the other day. They sound a bit like the Black Keys.

This is an album of covers. There aren't any real duds, but the classic songs where they stick very closely to the original are inevitably a bit dull given the quality of the originals. More interesting are newer songs like Grounds for Divorce, or I'm on Fire where things are slightly less obvious.

Stay Classy

For anyone that likes this, they've also got a free album sampler in advance of a 2015 European tour here.

Note: these are both from Bandcamp, but I'll only put up albums that are free, name a price isn't free (and treating it like it is is ripping off the artist).