Monday, 11 April 2016

Tweedy - Powerstation, 25 March 2016

Photo credit: 13th Floor

I'm a huge Wilco fan and had given up on the Tweedy band making it to this part of the world once Wilco released their new record. But Bluesfest this year had a great lineup including what might be the last shows for this band. Unfortunately Sunday on an Easter long weekend is usually pretty quiet in Auckland and the Powerstation was only about half full. Those that were there got a typically great Tweedy show. Previous shows on the tour had featured some special guests for a closing Bowie number, but (despite there being a few Finns in attendance) that didn't happen. Instead we got Jeff's youngest son Sammy making his live debut on a cover of Big Star's Thirteen. The kid looks a lot like his Dad and has one hell of a voice. Other highlights were Diamond Light, World Away and One Wing.

Like I said, a great show and hopefully the promoter isn't put off by the small attendance, I'm sure a day or two either side would have been very different. The quality of the recording is really good, helped by the fact that the crowd, while being very engaged, weren't too talkative even during the very quiet acoustic set.

Fake Fur Coat
Diamond Light
Summer Noon
World Away
New Moon
High As Hello
Wait For Love
Love Like a Wire
Low Key
Nobody Dies Anymore
Via Chicago
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
One Wing
New Madrid
Remember the Mountain Bed
Please Tell My Brother
Born Alone
Jesus etc
I'm the Man Who Loves You
A Shot in the Arm
Thirteen (Sammy Tweedy on vocals)
Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood
Only the Lord Knows
The Losing End
California Stars
Queen Bitch



Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Chills - Galatos, 15 December 2015

Just a quick post. This is the Chills from the end of last year. Pretty good show, but it was a hot room and Martin was clearly feeling the heat. The recording is decent but not great (never been there before, but it didn't seem like a great room).

Warm Waveform
Pink Frost
America Says Hello
House with a Hundred Rooms
I Can't Help You
The Male Monster from the Id
Silver Bullets
Aurora Corona
Molten Gold
Wet Blanket
Easy Peazy
Underwater Wasteland
When the Poor Can Reach the Moon
Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn
I Love My Leather Jacket

Heavenly Pop Hit
Rolling Moon



Friday, 25 March 2016

Aldous Harding - Whammy Bar, Auckland, 6 & 7 March 2016

Aldous Harding is about to head to England to record her second album, so we might not see her for a while. But before that she did a short NZ tour, finishing with a headline set, followed by an opening slot for US Girls.

The first night was recorded by Radio NZ. I wasn't there but there was a power cut through the CBD that ended the show early. Strangely, there's no sign of that in the recording, which makes me think the recording might be a mix of dates.

I recorded the second night, which ended up being longer than the first given the lack of an interruption. Both nights had pretty similar sets, with a few songs from her first album and a handful of songs that'll feature on her upcoming record. The absolute highlight is Horizon, which she closed with both nights. There's also an amateur, but extremely good video that's been coupled with RNZ's audio. Check it out:

6 March 2016

Swell Does the Skull
I'm So Sorry
What If Birds Aren't Singing They're Screaming

7 March 2016

Swell Does the Skull
I'm So Sorry

What If Birds Aren't Singing They're Screaming
Stop Your Tears

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Thom Yorke - Bridge School 2002

Another old Bridge School show from my old trading days. I'd remembered this as a soundboard recording, but it's clearly just a very high quality audience recording. There are only a couple of points where you can tell though, so clearly the quality is high.

This is all pre-solo/Atoms for Peace stuff, so it's all Radiohead songs and a cover. He plays a bunch of songs that (I don't think) had been released at the time, and the Bridge Benefit crowd tends to be a bit older, but very open to new stuff. He does a good job of winning them over, and generally both sets are really good.

26 October 2002

Everything in its Right Place
I Might Be Wrong
Sail to the Moon
Like Spinning Plates
There, There
Pyramid Song
After the Gold Rush

Street Spirit
Morning Bell
Nice Dream
I Might Be Wrong
Sail to the Moon
Like Spinning Plates
True Love Waits
Paranoid Android!kMdinR4C!miDk9VxbXHMet7GGFjbGvQ

Sunday, 17 January 2016

David Bowie - Bridge Benefit 1996

It'd been a long time but I had planned on starting to occasionally put things up again. In particular, I found about a dozen folders of CDs from back in the days of CD trees and trading through the post, which I thought I could start putting up. Prompted by the death of Bowie and the fact lots of people are circulating the video of Heroes from his Bridge School Benefit performance, I thought some folks might like to get hold of the full sets.

19 October 1996

Aladdin Sane
The Jean Jeanie
I Can't Read
The Man Who Sold the World
Let's Dance

20 October 1996

Aladdin Sane
The Jean Jeanie
I Can't Read
The Man Who Sold the World
China Girl
White Light/White Heat!JQdkGYrS!G5djXLToktB8RO5CEidhFQ

Friday, 28 August 2015

Ryan Adams - Forum Theatre, 19 July 2015

As promised, here's Ryan Adams first Melbourne show. I'd heard a few bad things about the band, but they're actually pretty solid. Sets don't vary much on this tour, but there are still a couple of seldom played tracks like My Baby Don't Understand Me [note: the fact you're sleeping with someone doesn't make them a great songwriter] and Sweet Illusions.

The other highlight is a fantastic slapdown of a drunk guy who yells out too much:

I'm going to break your fucking nose, and it's gonna hurt. Shut the fuck up. Just try it. Just try to have an experience where you shut the fuck up and let something happen to you. I know my music appeals to a lot of single people, but dude you don't have to put a sign on your forehead, cause clearly nobody tolerates you. So just fucking chill man. You're ok. It's ok. Just let it happen. It'll be amazing. You never know you might learn something.


Gimme Something Good
Let it Ride
Stay with Me
Dirty Rain
This House is Not for Sale
Dear Chicago
Magnolia Mountain
To Be Young
Peaceful Valley
Oh My Sweet Carolina (w/ Jenny Lewis)
When the Stars Go Blue
Shakedown on 9th St
My Baby Don't Understand Me
New York, New York
I See Monsters
Sweet Illusions
La Cienga Just Smiled
Nobody Girl

Come Pick Me Up



Thursday, 20 August 2015

Jenny Lewis - The Forum, 19 & 20 July 2015

Sooooo, a few weeks after saying there was a bunch of stuff on the way I'm finally putting some of it up. Here's both of Jenny Lewis' sets opening for Ryan Adams. I was a bit annoyed she didn't end up doing a headline show in Melbourne, even more so after seeing these two sets, because she's amazing. The new songs are great, a few choice cuts from here previous albums, and a couple of Rilo Kiley tracks; her voice is amazing, the band are all phenomenal. Hopefully she'll be back soon (Laneway?).

The recording quality of the first night isn't as good as the second (which sounds great), so if you didn't attend these and just want the best sounding of the two go for that one.

FYI - I recorded both Ryan Adams sets and will put them up soon, but there are other recordings circulating if you're desperate.

Night 1

Silver Lining
Head Underwater
The Moneymaker
The Next Messiah
Just One of the Guys
Rise Up with Fists!!
She's Not Me
Portions for Foxes
Acid Tongue

Night 2

Silver Lining
Head Underwater
The Moneymaker
The Next Messiah
Withs Arms Outstretched
Just One of the Guys
You Are What You Love
She's Not Me
Portions for Foxes
A Better Son/Daughter
Acid Tongue

Monday, 3 August 2015

Something old, something new

There's a bunch of new recordings on the way soon (I promise). In the meantime, someone contacted me about a bunch of old shows where the links are dead. Here are the new links in case anyone else wants them:

Radiohead at Rod Laver Night 1 -!ZdtQWa5A!3oERMr2aCuFuF2qqhM2PBw Radiohead at Rod Laver Night 2 -!pENjwTRb!x234aCtLkIA0M678FxFGtQ Flight of the Conchords at the Plenery -!cR9nFTLb!rjT3ONUFNtAe9Na0fS3LIQ
Beck at Harvest -!cd9zxL4T!jcyaZF0F-yueZTBjc5sLag
Beirut at Harvest -!xRMWjDCL!ZtDvYAOBinAd8wXVdMTXhA
Jack White at Festival Hall -!tE8myRJT!HTy8b_FGQBzm7mN4Lb4-1Q Neutral Milk Hotel at Forum Night 1 -!NAUDjAha!avU5ni7ym2cmesVHXANtYw
Neutral Milk Hotel at Forum Night 2 -!lQcGUArJ!XLvwXyPAT4Rpj3MgKbW7GQ