Sunday, 24 May 2015

First Aid Kit - Palais Theatre, 6 March 2015

It was a bit surprising that First Aid Kit announced another Melbourne show less than a year after they did two shows at the HiFi, and that the new show would be at the Palais. While the show wasn't sold out, it was full enough. I recorded the opening band's set, but they really didn't grab me at the time or on second listen, so I haven't bothered to post them. If anyone really wants it just send me a message.

First Aid Kit on the other hand were great. They don't mix their setlists up much, so people who attended their last show only heard a couple of different things. Having said that the songs they play are great and they always sing amazingly well.

The two girls in front of me titter away a little bit, but other than that (which is pretty minor really) this is a really great sounding recording, with short snippets of Friday by Rebecca Black and Chandelier by Sia thrown in as bonuses.

The Lion's Roar
Stay Gold
King of the World
In the Hearts of Men
Waitress Song
Shattered & Hollow
Ghost Town
My Silver Lining
Love Interuption
Master Pretender

Cedar Lane
Heaven Knows