Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spoon - SXSW, 17 March 2010

Spoon's last tour was before I arrived in Melbourne and since then Divine Fits has somewhat taken over. But they've now announced a few shows and an album is on the way (they have a show in Kentucky a week before Splendour in the Grass, so maybe...).

This is a great club show from their last tour. The band put on a hell of a show and it sounds like everyone is enjoying themselves. Definitely worth checking out.

Written in Reverse
Someone Something
Don't Make Me a Target
The Ghost of You Lingers
Trouble Comes Running
Nobody Gets Me But You
Don't You Evah
Love Song
Out Go the Lights
The Underdog
Vittorio E
Got Nuffin'
I Turn My Camera On
My Mathematical Mind
I Summon You
Black Like Me

Is Love Forever?
Rhythm & Soul
Finer Feelings!YRcBDbyZ!FX1boXxKPkpE6y49D1Vphg

Monday, 24 March 2014

Cosmic Psychos - Big Day Out 2014 - Melbourne & Sydney

I know I've been pretty slack and sad to say things are probably going to be a bit slower around here (it doesn't help that I've got a bunch of Eddie Vedder solo shows that I recorded, but he doesn't like them being circulated). Here's two good sets from Cosmic Psychos though to help make up for it. Didn't know them before this, but they're a great band. As you can see from the photo, Eddie Vedder and the family are fans too. These guys would be up there as one of the loudest bands I've heard, so there is a tiny bit of distortion, but I knew what I was getting in for, so the sound is generally really good.


Nice Day to Go to the Pub
Lead Me Astray
I'm Up You're Out
Dead in a Ditch
Quarter to Three
Thank Your Mother for the Rabbits
Rip 'n' Dig
Lost Cause
David Lee Roth


Nice Day to Go to the Pub
Lead Me Astray
I'm Up You're Out
Dead in a Ditch
Quarter to Three
Thank Your Mother for the Rabbits
Rip 'n' Dig
Custom Credit
Lost Cause
David Lee Roth

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Belle & Sebastian - Washington DC, 6 March 2006

I really got into Belle & Sebastian after their last tour, and the fantastic show they put on in Melbourne (before I had got a recorder unfortunately). It's fairly hard to track down soundboard recordings of them, but this one from 2006 is wonderful. I've tacked on two performances on KEXP at the end, so there's a lot of material here.

Another Sunny Day
Women's Realm
Sukie in the Graveyard
Electronic Renaissance
The Loneliness of the Middle Distance Runner
To Be Myself Completely
The Blues Are Still Blue
Piazza, New York Catcher
Belle & Sebastian
Funny Little Frog
She's Losing It
Your Cover's Blown
Dog on Wheels
I'm a Cuckoo
The Wrong Girl
If You Find Yourself Caught in Love
Judy and the Dream of Horses

White Collar Boy
Me and the Major

If She Wants Me [KEXP, 5 May 2004]
Step Into My Office, Baby [KEXP, 5 May 2004]
Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying [KEXP, 5 May 2004]

A Century of Fakers [KEXP, 25 March 2006]
She's Losing It [KEXP, 25 March 2006]
To Be Myself Completely [KEXP, 25 March 2006]
No Matter What [KEXP, 25 March 2006]!JUECjY4B!dX2Teg-jdakeHuNuYs5tQQ

Friday, 14 March 2014

Various Artists - The Best of Bonaroo

This is a free compilation that was put out to promote voting for the 2008 US presidential election. It doesn't seems to be available anymore, so I've uploaded it, rather than post a link like I normally do.
Anyway, this compilation pulls together the best live performances from Bonnaroo. There's a bit of an emphasis on jam bands, which really isn't my thing, but this is made up for by the quality of the rest of the songs. Worth particular mention is My Morning Jacket's cover of the Velvet Underground's Oh! Sweet Nuthin', which they recently reprised following Lou Reed's death.

Bull Black Nova [Wilco]
Animal [Pearl Jam]
Inaudible Melodies [Jack Johnson]
Rapunzel [Dave Matthews Band]
Cath... [Death Cab for Cutie]
Fuel [Ani DiFranco]
Kill Devil Falls [Phish]
Banks of the Deep End [Gov't Mule]
Delicate Few [O.A.R.]
Not Coming Down [moe.]
100 Yard Dash [Raphael Saadiq]
Throwing Stones [Bob Weir & Rat Dog]
And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night [The Disco Biscuits]
The Wanting Comes in Waves [The Decemberists]
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' [My Morning Jacket]
Happier [Guster]
Box of Rain [Phil Lesh]!9J8yUACL!tu4fJKFl4mZ9eU2i-92XBw

Monday, 10 March 2014

Noel Gallagher - Melkweg, 30 November 2011

Amid all the talk of an Oasis reunion, it's worth remembering that Noel Gallagher's solo album was incredibly good, as were the live shows on the tour to promote it. My recording of his Melbourne show is worth a listen if you were there, but if you're after a soundboard recording, this show from the Netherlands should do the trick. It's interesting to hear him say that he sophmore album will be released the following year. Still waiting, but hopefully it'll show up just two years late.

It's Good to Be Free
Mucky Fingers
Everybody's on the Run
Dream On
If I Had a Gun...
The Good Rebel
The Death of You and Me
Freaky Teeth
(I Wanna Live in a Dream in My) Record Machine
AHA... What a Life!
Talk Tonight
Soldier Boys and Jesus Freaks
AHA... Broken Arrow
Half the World Away
Stranded on the Wrong Beach

Little By Little
The Importance of Being Idle
Don't Look Back in Anger!4FcGgYaQ!ronl7bQJUtIYG7Jatz9XEA

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hanni El Khatib and White Denim - Corner Hotel, 5 January 2014

This is an old show that I haven't got round to putting up. I'm not really sure why I ended up going to this show - I'd vaguely heard of White Denim and didn't have any idea about Hanni El Khatib. In the end I was glad I went. White Denim were pretty disappointing - the sound mix seemed a little off, but even without they I suspect they just aren't really my thing. They sound a bit like Vampire Weekend, which probably works for lots of people, but I'm not really a fan.

Hanni El Khatib, on the other hand, was fantastic. As soon as he stepped on stage it was clear that this was a step up from the opener. As well as having stage presence and a hell of a lot of energy, he's got a great voice, great songs and a great band. If he makes a return visit I'll definitely be attending again.

White Denim

Pretty Green
River to Consider
Come Back
Say What You Want
A Place to Start
I'd Have It Just the Way We Were
Bass St
Shake, Shake, Shake
Limited to Stature
Cheer Up/Blues Ending
At Night in Dreams

Hanni El Khatib

Head in the Dirt
Nobody Move
Build. Destory. Rebuild
Can't Win 'Em All
Dead Wrong
Human Fly
You Rascal You
Sinking in the Sand
Skinny Little Girl
Loved One
Pay No Mind
Spit It Out
Fuck It. You Win

House on Fire

White Denim Download
Hanni El Khatib Download

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Jason Isbell - Newport Folk Festival, 27 July 2013

I need to organise putting up some of the stuff I've recorded, since there's a lot and some is very good. In the meantime, here's something to get you ready for Jason Isbell's April tour. This is a show from last year at the Newport Folk Festival. I didn't love the new stuff initially but it's grown on me. As an added bonus, I've added a solo acoustic set from, the wonderfully named, Garden and Gun magazine.

Live Oak
Cover Me Up
Flying Over Water
Decoration Day
Alabama Pines
Super 8
Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Different Days [Garden and Gun]
Traveling Along [Garden and Gun]
Live Oak [Garden and Gun]
Stockholm [Garden and Gun]!pQMTBTCT!oo52rt29wduFoHpFfrZ_5g