Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Belle & Sebastian - Washington DC, 6 March 2006

I really got into Belle & Sebastian after their last tour, and the fantastic show they put on in Melbourne (before I had got a recorder unfortunately). It's fairly hard to track down soundboard recordings of them, but this one from 2006 is wonderful. I've tacked on two performances on KEXP at the end, so there's a lot of material here.

Another Sunny Day
Women's Realm
Sukie in the Graveyard
Electronic Renaissance
The Loneliness of the Middle Distance Runner
To Be Myself Completely
The Blues Are Still Blue
Piazza, New York Catcher
Belle & Sebastian
Funny Little Frog
She's Losing It
Your Cover's Blown
Dog on Wheels
I'm a Cuckoo
The Wrong Girl
If You Find Yourself Caught in Love
Judy and the Dream of Horses

White Collar Boy
Me and the Major

If She Wants Me [KEXP, 5 May 2004]
Step Into My Office, Baby [KEXP, 5 May 2004]
Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying [KEXP, 5 May 2004]

A Century of Fakers [KEXP, 25 March 2006]
She's Losing It [KEXP, 25 March 2006]
To Be Myself Completely [KEXP, 25 March 2006]
No Matter What [KEXP, 25 March 2006]


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