Sunday, 21 June 2015

The National - Sydney Opera House, 8 February 2014

This is a bit old, but for anyone that wants it, here's the National at the Opera House. It was live streamed as part of the Music at the House series (Wilco's second Sydney show was also streamed, and both shows released to those that attended).

In my experience these guys are a bit hit and miss in their ability to recreate their songs in the live setting. Mr November, in particular, doesn't seem to really work. Nonetheless, the majority of their set works, and they've developed a good back catalogue to draw on.

Unfortunately, it seems like there were a couple of glitchs in the stream, so the sound isn't perfect. A couple of times it drops out very briefly, not often, but annoying when it happens.!tVcFSTTY!XoxuQfhApC6ZyTtO-w7wow

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Soundgarden - Festival Hall, 24 February 2015

Soundgarden's last headlining show in Melbourne was ruined by the awful sound at Sidney Myer. And while Festival Hall isn't the greatest of venues (by a long stretch), the sound was good and the band put on a great show.

Without an opening act and a scheduled set of nearly three hours, I was hoping that the band might be planning on doing something interesting. In the end they came on stage 45 minutes late, but when the eventually made it they were on fire. The set featured a lot of Superunknown songs, with a few from all their other albums thrown into the mix.

The recording is really good, there's a tiny bit of noise from people around me and from when I've moved as people walk back and forth from the bar, but other than that this sounds great.

Room a Thousand Years Wide
Jesus Christ Pose
Like Suicide
Black Hole Sun
Hunted Down
Ty Cobb
Fell on Black Days
My Wave
The Day I Tried to Live
Been Away Too Long
Pretty Noose
Birth Ritual
A Thousand Days Before
Rusty Cage

Limo Wreck
Slaves & Bulldozers