Friday, 28 August 2015

Ryan Adams - Forum Theatre, 19 July 2015

As promised, here's Ryan Adams first Melbourne show. I'd heard a few bad things about the band, but they're actually pretty solid. Sets don't vary much on this tour, but there are still a couple of seldom played tracks like My Baby Don't Understand Me [note: the fact you're sleeping with someone doesn't make them a great songwriter] and Sweet Illusions.

The other highlight is a fantastic slapdown of a drunk guy who yells out too much:

I'm going to break your fucking nose, and it's gonna hurt. Shut the fuck up. Just try it. Just try to have an experience where you shut the fuck up and let something happen to you. I know my music appeals to a lot of single people, but dude you don't have to put a sign on your forehead, cause clearly nobody tolerates you. So just fucking chill man. You're ok. It's ok. Just let it happen. It'll be amazing. You never know you might learn something.


Gimme Something Good
Let it Ride
Stay with Me
Dirty Rain
This House is Not for Sale
Dear Chicago
Magnolia Mountain
To Be Young
Peaceful Valley
Oh My Sweet Carolina (w/ Jenny Lewis)
When the Stars Go Blue
Shakedown on 9th St
My Baby Don't Understand Me
New York, New York
I See Monsters
Sweet Illusions
La Cienga Just Smiled
Nobody Girl

Come Pick Me Up



Thursday, 20 August 2015

Jenny Lewis - The Forum, 19 & 20 July 2015

Sooooo, a few weeks after saying there was a bunch of stuff on the way I'm finally putting some of it up. Here's both of Jenny Lewis' sets opening for Ryan Adams. I was a bit annoyed she didn't end up doing a headline show in Melbourne, even more so after seeing these two sets, because she's amazing. The new songs are great, a few choice cuts from here previous albums, and a couple of Rilo Kiley tracks; her voice is amazing, the band are all phenomenal. Hopefully she'll be back soon (Laneway?).

The recording quality of the first night isn't as good as the second (which sounds great), so if you didn't attend these and just want the best sounding of the two go for that one.

FYI - I recorded both Ryan Adams sets and will put them up soon, but there are other recordings circulating if you're desperate.

Night 1

Silver Lining
Head Underwater
The Moneymaker
The Next Messiah
Just One of the Guys
Rise Up with Fists!!
She's Not Me
Portions for Foxes
Acid Tongue

Night 2

Silver Lining
Head Underwater
The Moneymaker
The Next Messiah
Withs Arms Outstretched
Just One of the Guys
You Are What You Love
She's Not Me
Portions for Foxes
A Better Son/Daughter
Acid Tongue

Monday, 3 August 2015

Something old, something new

There's a bunch of new recordings on the way soon (I promise). In the meantime, someone contacted me about a bunch of old shows where the links are dead. Here are the new links in case anyone else wants them:

Radiohead at Rod Laver Night 1 -!ZdtQWa5A!3oERMr2aCuFuF2qqhM2PBw Radiohead at Rod Laver Night 2 -!pENjwTRb!x234aCtLkIA0M678FxFGtQ Flight of the Conchords at the Plenery -!cR9nFTLb!rjT3ONUFNtAe9Na0fS3LIQ
Beck at Harvest -!cd9zxL4T!jcyaZF0F-yueZTBjc5sLag
Beirut at Harvest -!xRMWjDCL!ZtDvYAOBinAd8wXVdMTXhA
Jack White at Festival Hall -!tE8myRJT!HTy8b_FGQBzm7mN4Lb4-1Q Neutral Milk Hotel at Forum Night 1 -!NAUDjAha!avU5ni7ym2cmesVHXANtYw
Neutral Milk Hotel at Forum Night 2 -!lQcGUArJ!XLvwXyPAT4Rpj3MgKbW7GQ

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Free Album: Little Hurricane - Stay Classy

Free albums used to be something I put up regularly, but not for a while. Well here's another one. I can't remember how I found these guys, I just found their album on my hard drive the other day. They sound a bit like the Black Keys.

This is an album of covers. There aren't any real duds, but the classic songs where they stick very closely to the original are inevitably a bit dull given the quality of the originals. More interesting are newer songs like Grounds for Divorce, or I'm on Fire where things are slightly less obvious.

Stay Classy

For anyone that likes this, they've also got a free album sampler in advance of a 2015 European tour here.

Note: these are both from Bandcamp, but I'll only put up albums that are free, name a price isn't free (and treating it like it is is ripping off the artist).

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The National - Sydney Opera House, 8 February 2014

This is a bit old, but for anyone that wants it, here's the National at the Opera House. It was live streamed as part of the Music at the House series (Wilco's second Sydney show was also streamed, and both shows released to those that attended).

In my experience these guys are a bit hit and miss in their ability to recreate their songs in the live setting. Mr November, in particular, doesn't seem to really work. Nonetheless, the majority of their set works, and they've developed a good back catalogue to draw on.

Unfortunately, it seems like there were a couple of glitchs in the stream, so the sound isn't perfect. A couple of times it drops out very briefly, not often, but annoying when it happens.!tVcFSTTY!XoxuQfhApC6ZyTtO-w7wow

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Soundgarden - Festival Hall, 24 February 2015

Soundgarden's last headlining show in Melbourne was ruined by the awful sound at Sidney Myer. And while Festival Hall isn't the greatest of venues (by a long stretch), the sound was good and the band put on a great show.

Without an opening act and a scheduled set of nearly three hours, I was hoping that the band might be planning on doing something interesting. In the end they came on stage 45 minutes late, but when the eventually made it they were on fire. The set featured a lot of Superunknown songs, with a few from all their other albums thrown into the mix.

The recording is really good, there's a tiny bit of noise from people around me and from when I've moved as people walk back and forth from the bar, but other than that this sounds great.

Room a Thousand Years Wide
Jesus Christ Pose
Like Suicide
Black Hole Sun
Hunted Down
Ty Cobb
Fell on Black Days
My Wave
The Day I Tried to Live
Been Away Too Long
Pretty Noose
Birth Ritual
A Thousand Days Before
Rusty Cage

Limo Wreck
Slaves & Bulldozers



Sunday, 24 May 2015

First Aid Kit - Palais Theatre, 6 March 2015

It was a bit surprising that First Aid Kit announced another Melbourne show less than a year after they did two shows at the HiFi, and that the new show would be at the Palais. While the show wasn't sold out, it was full enough. I recorded the opening band's set, but they really didn't grab me at the time or on second listen, so I haven't bothered to post them. If anyone really wants it just send me a message.

First Aid Kit on the other hand were great. They don't mix their setlists up much, so people who attended their last show only heard a couple of different things. Having said that the songs they play are great and they always sing amazingly well.

The two girls in front of me titter away a little bit, but other than that (which is pretty minor really) this is a really great sounding recording, with short snippets of Friday by Rebecca Black and Chandelier by Sia thrown in as bonuses.

The Lion's Roar
Stay Gold
King of the World
In the Hearts of Men
Waitress Song
Shattered & Hollow
Ghost Town
My Silver Lining
Love Interuption
Master Pretender

Cedar Lane
Heaven Knows

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Felice Brothers - Toff in Town, 1 March 2015

Fortunately for Felice Brothers fans the band managed to fit in a couple of headlining shows while touring in support of Conor Oberst. The set was a bit short in comparison to some of their other shows, presumably because the band were playing in Auckland the next night. The quality of the show was great though and the crowd, although a bit small, was pretty enthusiastic.

Meadow of a Dream
Honda Civic
The Big Surprise
Whiskey in my Whiskey
I've Been All Around this World
Dead Dog
Saturday Night
Hey Hey Revolver
Cherry Licorice
Omie Wise
Ruby Mae
Silver in the Shadow
Love Me Tenderly
Frankie's Gun
Run Chicken Run
The Mating of the Doves

Cus's Catskill Gym
Many Rivers to Cross!xJdBUA4R!6DcCM_c-0wtY52c3iqHhOw

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Conor Oberst & The Felice Brothers - Corner Hotel, 26 February 2015

Never seen either of these guys before but both put on really great shows. The Felice Brothers set seemed a little bit hurt by the fact they had a crowd that was only half paying attention and that their set was over just as they were starting to fire, but they still did a great job (particularly given they were on stage for nearly three hours a night on this tour).

The Felice Brothers backed Conor Oberst for his set, it really highlighted what a flexible band they are, because it didn't seem like their folk/country background limited the set choices in any way. The set was very wideranging, covering solo material, Bright Eyes and some covers (including a Felice Brothers song). The set lasted two hours (which he apologised for a few times) because he only makes it here every three or four years (because the plane ride is a bitch). My only criticism would be that the encore seemed to lose a bit of momentum thanks to some slower songs, but really this was a great show.

Unfortunately, I stood in a different spot to my usual and the sound isn't as good as past recordings. Nothing awful, but a bit too much bass and a little noise from a nearby fan. I can't imagine it will worry anyone particular, but it's worth noting.

Felice Brothers

Murder by Mistletoe
Honda Civic
Silver in the Shadow
Wonderful Life (w/ Conor Oberst)
Penn Station
Dead Dog
Cumberland Gap
Hey Hey Revolver
Cherry Licorice

Conor Oberst

Napoleon's Hat
Southern State
Four Winds
Time Forgot
Hundreds of Ways
Ten Women
Artifact #1
Well Whiskey
Poison Oak
An Attempt to Tip the Scales
We Are Free Man
Meadow of a Dream
Lenders in the Temple
Zigzagging Towards the Light
Cape Canaveral
Soul Singer in a Session Band
Method Acting

Milk Thistle
Walls (w/ John Darnielle)
Another Travellin' Song
A Song to Pass the Time

Felice Brothers

Conor Oberst

Monday, 9 March 2015

Belle & Sebastian - Palais Theatre, 1 February 2015

Belle & Sebastian are a reliably great band, so no real surprise that this was a great show. Last tour they played the Forum, so it's a big jump to the Palais, but the show seemed to have sold pretty well. The band kicked off with two songs from their new album, which is always a ballsy opening move. The new tracks are good, but incredibly upbeat, which was a bit weird in a seated venue (with notoriously officious policies). After that most of the songs were fairly low tempo, until Stuart announced that anyone who wanted to dance should follow him, as he walked through the aisles. A large group ended up following him up to the stage for the Boy with the Arab Strap (one even having a go at singing a verse, despite not actually knowing the lyrics).

My only complaint was that it would have been nicer to have a slightly longer show. 90 minutes is really the minimum length for a headlining show, and B&S have a large enough (and good enough) back catalog to play at least a few more songs.

Nobody's Empire
The Party Line
Seeing Other People
Perfect Couplles
The Fox in the Snow
Wrapped Up in Books
The Power of Three
Electronic Renaissance
Dirty Dream #2
A Summer Wasting
The Boy with the Arab Strap
Legal Man
Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying

Funny Little Frog
Me and the Major



Sunday, 15 February 2015

Jen Cloher (with Courtney Barnett) - Yarra Hotel, 18 December 2014

Originally billed as a Jen Cloher solo show, Courtney Barnett was later added to the bill. Given their combined profile I was pretty surprised that the Yarra Hotel wasn't packed (although it was billed as a sell out, so maybe they wanted to keep it friendly). Those that were there got to see a great show. Jen Cloher's played a mix of songs from her career, including some new songs that bode well for her new album. Most of the set was played with Courtney Barnett on electric guitar and some vocals, but the set was very much focussed around Jen Cloher, who really is an underrated talent.

The sound on the recording is really great. Given the size of the crowd and the nature of the show, there's a little bit of talking, but nothing obtrusive. There's also a little bit of technical trouble during the last song as one of the girls from Broads stands on Jen's pedal. Neither of these really detract from a great show and a very good recording.

Fear is Like a Forest
Everything is Free
David Bowie Eyes*
Kamikaze Origami*
Mount Beauty*
Toothless Tiger*
Stone Age Brain*
Hold My Hand*

Running for the Feeling
Save Me From What I Want (w/ Broads)

* = with Courtney Barnett



Saturday, 7 February 2015

Nick Cave - Plenary Hall, 17 December 2014

I guess this was a while ago now, but for anyone that wants it, here's the second night of Nick Cave (I was at a different show for night three, more on that next week). This wasn't quite as good as the first night, performance or recording wise. It was still good and there were a few really good songs that weren't played first time round, but this just seemed to lack something in comparison.

We Real Cool
The Weeping Song
Red Right Hand
Nobody's Baby Now
Higgs Boson Blues
The Ship Song
From Her to Eternity
Love Letter
God is in the House
Water's Edge
Black Hair
Darker with the Day
The Mercy Seat
Jubilee Street

Jack the Ripper
Into My Arms
The Lyre of Orpheus
Up Jumped the Devil
Push the Sky Away



Thursday, 29 January 2015

Aldous Harding - Melbourne Folk Club, 1 October 2014

Lots of folks won't have heard of Aldous Harding, but you should. Her opening set for Tiny Ruins  (which I didn't tape) was literally stunning (really, literally, after her last song people just sat there for a minute amazed by what they'd just seen).

This set is from late last year (so hopefully another tour isn't far away). The whole show is great, and the sound is really good, but her thing seems to be finishing with a a capella song, and both times I've seen her do it it's been amazing (the first time was Roy Orbison's Cryin'). This time it's a staggering cover of Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien. I guess the only word of warning I'd give is that her voice might not be for everyone (think Joanna Newsom). But really, I find it hard to imagine many music fans that won't at least like parts of this.

Stop Your Tears
Been Smoking Too Long
Swell Does the Skull
Small Bones of Courage
The Trees They Do Grow High (w/ Marlon Williams)
Merriweather (w/ Marlon Williams)
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien



Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Nick Cave - The Plenary, 16 December 2014

A Nick Cave solo tour seems to look a lot like a tour with the Bad Seeds, not that I'm complaining. Having never seen him before I'm happy for whatever I can get. And we ended up getting a pretty great show. The set leant fairly heavily on material from Push the Sky Away, but the new songs fitted in nicely alongside the classics, which is an indication of how good Push the Sky Away is.

The Plenary is a weird venue, as Cave noted, it's better suited to motivational seminars. During the first song a large portion of the crowd rushed the stage, which pretty much defeated the purpose of paying for an A ticket, although no one seemed to mind. The crowd at the front used the opportunity to engage with Cave a lot, particularly during the songs where he prowled the front of the stage. This resulted in a lot of off microphone conversations, which weren't as exciting for those at the back as they were for those involved. Nonetheless, this was a great show. The sound is really good, a tiny bit of noise from people near me ocassionally, but not much. I'd highly recommend this for anyone wanting to listen to a show from the tour (I also recorded the second night, it's good, but a bit shorter and the sound is slightly less up front).

We Real Cool
The Weeping Song
Red Right Hand
Sad Waters
Higgs Boson Blues
The Ship Song
From Her to Eternity
God is in the House
Love Letter
Water's Edge
Black Hair
Lay Me Low
Into My Arms
The Mercy Seat
Jubilee St

We No Who U R
Up Jumped the Devil
Jack the Ripper
Babe, You Turn Me On
The Lyre of Orpheus



Thursday, 8 January 2015

Mavis Staples - Newport Folk Festival 2009 and 2011

Mavis Staples seems to play here a lot, but I don't think she's played any headline shows recently. That'll change in a few months and I'm not sure I'll be in the country at the time. Which sucks for me. But anyone that can make it should. As this recording shows, she doesn't have the greatest voice, but she can put on a hell of a show and has got a great catalogue of songs to draw from. This is her complete 2009 and 2011 Newport Folk Festival sets, probably a bit too long, but you can always split them if you want.

For What It's Worth
Eyes on the Prize
Too Close to Heaven
I'm On My Way to Heaven
Wade in the Water
Waiting for My Child
The Weight
Why Am I Treated So Bad
Freedom Highway
Respect Yourself
I'll Take You There

Wonderful Saviour
Creep Along
Freedom Highway
You Are Not Alone
Too Close to Heaven
I'm On My Way to Heaven Anyhow
We're Gonna Make It
Instrumental 2
I'll Take You There!JRVmyDDZ!p4gJDJTzDzDxuTLeyv0CDA