Sunday, 15 February 2015

Jen Cloher (with Courtney Barnett) - Yarra Hotel, 18 December 2014

Originally billed as a Jen Cloher solo show, Courtney Barnett was later added to the bill. Given their combined profile I was pretty surprised that the Yarra Hotel wasn't packed (although it was billed as a sell out, so maybe they wanted to keep it friendly). Those that were there got to see a great show. Jen Cloher's played a mix of songs from her career, including some new songs that bode well for her new album. Most of the set was played with Courtney Barnett on electric guitar and some vocals, but the set was very much focussed around Jen Cloher, who really is an underrated talent.

The sound on the recording is really great. Given the size of the crowd and the nature of the show, there's a little bit of talking, but nothing obtrusive. There's also a little bit of technical trouble during the last song as one of the girls from Broads stands on Jen's pedal. Neither of these really detract from a great show and a very good recording.

Fear is Like a Forest
Everything is Free
David Bowie Eyes*
Kamikaze Origami*
Mount Beauty*
Toothless Tiger*
Stone Age Brain*
Hold My Hand*

Running for the Feeling
Save Me From What I Want (w/ Broads)

* = with Courtney Barnett



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  1. Great reording! I just sent you an email (to your gmail) - any chance you can have a look?