Friday, 20 December 2013

Paul Kelly - The Toff in Town (The Story So Far), 24 November 2013

You don't often get an opportunity to see someone like Paul Kelly at a venue as small as the Toff, so when you do, it's tough to pass up. Obviously others had the same idea, because there was an enormous line when I turned up (partly caused by some poor organisation). There had barely been time to get everyone in before the show started. The Story So Far is a RRR show where musicians perform and discuss there history and influences. The questions weren't always very good, but it was interesting to hear about Paul Kelly's favourite songs, particularly because, with one exception, they weren't even close to the type of thing I would have picked.

As I say everytime I post an acoustic show like this, these are the hardest shows to record. I think I'm slowly getting better, because this isn't too bad. But anyone who wants to can wait until this is broadcast (it was videoed, but I don't know when it'll be shown).!hVFAhChA!YZ3Qv1q64eEpg7pTEu2tVw

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