Saturday, 14 December 2013

Divine Fits - Radio & TV Sessions

I mentioned a while back that I was working on putting together a few sets from artists I like, but that don't seem to be as widely available as I think they should. The first one was for War on Drugs (more to come on that) and this one is for Divine Fits. It's my attempt to get every TV, radio and internet session they've done and put it all in one place. I know that at least one thing is missing (and probably more), but this is a pretty comprehensive accounting of their work, including their new single and some covers.

Would That Not Be Nice [CD102.5 Big Room]
My Love is Real [CD102.5 Big Room]
Flaggin' a Ride [CD102.5 Big Room]
Baby Get Worse [David Letterman]
My Love is Real [Sound Opinions]
Civilian Stripes [Sound Opinions]
Would That Not Be Nice [Sound Opinions]
Shivers [Sound Opinions]
Like Ice Cream [Jimmy Kimmel]
You Got Lucky [Jimmy Kimmel]
Would That Not Be Nice [The Current]
Civilian Stripes [The Current]
Civilian Strips [World Cafe]
Would That Not Be Nice [World Cafe]
For Your Heart [World Cafe]
Shivers [World Cafe]
Civilian Stripes [Moog Sound Lab]
Civilian Stripes [Bowery Presents]
Would That Not Be Nice [Like a Version]
Hungry Heart [Like a Version]
What Gets You Alone [Pitchfork TV]
My Love is Real [KEXP]
Would That Not Be Nice [KEXP]
Civilian Stripes [KEXP]
Shivers [KEXP]
Flaggin' a Ride [KCRW]
Like Ice Cream [KCRW]
My Love is Real [Studio Q]
Would That Not Be Nice [Studio Q]
Chained to Love [Conan O'Brien]
Ain't That the Way [Conan O'Brien]
Would That Not Be Nice [RJD2 Remix]
My Love is Real [Kingdom Remix]!8BdWwALR!CN8c6CwHZx8UcigdF8TH7Q

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