Saturday, 7 December 2013

Television - Release the Bats, Palais Theatre, 26 October 2013

Expectations for Release the Bats were pretty low after it got announced that they were relocating to the Palais and the Prince Bandroom. The two venues are about 15 minutes from each other, plus the Palais is a seated venue and this was a GA event. It ended up being a really well managed event with a great crowd.

Having said all that a festival that only operates in one city really needs to offer something special, beyond what every other city gets. The festival failed pretty badly on that account - both headliners only got an hour to play, and the Breeders headline shows included not just all of Last Splash, but all of Pod as well. That makes having this festival in Melbourne more of a curse than a blessing for Victorians. Hopefully in future they'll sort this out, or simply scrap the festival and have the bands play their own shows.

In terms of Television's actual set, the reviews from some of their early shows were mediocre so, again, my expectations weren't too high. In the end they played pretty well, although Tom Verlaine had no interest in trying to engage the crowd, which resulted in long, awkward periods of dead air between songs. Nonetheless, they songs themselves were played professionally enough and the set was fairly enjoyable.!xc9jgLiQ!T56uKROVCUVXvaXZEVo97w

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