Friday, 24 May 2013

The Black Angels - 5 November 2006, Washington DC

So the Black Angels are making their annual trip down under. I saw them way back in 2011 and wasn't that impressed. Probably because I was mainly a fan of their first album and didn't know the new stuff. That means this set works pretty well for me - it's from their stint opening for the Black Keys way back in 2006 and features just one song off their, then unreleased, sophmore album, everything else being from their excellent debut: Passover (if you can wait, I picked this up at their merch desk for $10). For anyone not familiar with them their sound is basically a fusion of the Doors and Joy Division (Manipulation, in particular, sounds like a lost Joy Division track). That shouldn't be taken as a bad thing though - they do a good job of what they do, and there are really very few bands (any?) that sound completely unlike everything that's gone before.

As this is from an NPR podcast the sound is great, if a little low during the few ocassions they address the crowd. Worth checking out, particularly if you're thinking of heading along to see them in June.

Black Grease
Better Off Alone
Bloodhounds on My Trail
Sniper at the Gates of Heaven
The First Vietnamese War

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