Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Black Sabbath - 29 April 2013, Rod Laver Arena

I waited until some initial reviews started coming in before getting tickets to this. There was no way I was going to go if Ozzy was at his worst. The reviews suggested the show was pretty good, although some people still said Ozzy wasn't 100%. To be fair, I suspect if people didn't know his history I suspect (at least based on this show) that they wouldn't have noticed. He moved around a fair bit and his vocals were pretty good (although he did have an autocue for the whole night that he spent a fair bit of time checking). The only annoying thing, and this might have always been the case, is his 'banter' - it extends to 'I can't hear you' (or just holding his hand up to his ear) or 'let me hear you fucking scream'. Rinse and repeat (and repeat a few more times if the band still aren't ready). For the encore he even tried to start a chant; honestly, if you're show isn't good enough to get the crowd to want an encore enough, don't embarass yourself by trying to hype the crowd from backstage.
The set itself was good. I only really know the biggest hits, so not everything was familiar. It was also obvious that they have a 'sound', for me that meant things got a bit boring during the lesser tracks, but I'm sure most hardcore fans would disagree. Interestingly, the new songs (particularly Methademic) broke the mould a little and were actually quite good (Methademic more than Is God Dead? even though the former is only on the deluxe edition of the new album).

The siren at the start of the show caused a lot of distortion, but as soon as they turned it down a bit for War Pigs things were fine. The sound quality of the recording is good, despite this being a phenomenally loud show (given how loud Shihad were I turned the input volume down, which paid off).!FclESIJK!BrzvDgSANARSWUQQbl4mcg

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