Monday, 13 May 2013

Shihad - 29 April 2013, Rod Laver Arena (Opening for Black Sabbath)

Last time I saw Shihad I was a little underwhelmed - they had the feel of a band that were still coming to terms with the fact that their career is probably only going to consist of a significant following in New Zealand and a smaller one in Australia. This show showed that when they have a reason to be excited they can still be a really good band. They chose the set while, playing a few of their older heavier songs that were more likely to go down well with Black Sabbath fans. Jon Toogood ran round the stage and generally acted like the place was full and going crazy for them. At the time I didn't like that too much, but in hindsight, its better than the dour opening band that comes out, plods through their set and leaves.

Their set was really loud, fortunately that got me to turn the input volume down, so Black Sabbath sounds better than it would have otherwise, but there is a little distortion at some points. I also realised that I messed up the tracking for Comfort Me - the talking that kicks it off should be cut as a seperate track. However, there aren't going to be a huge number of people downloading this, and frankly I can't be bothered redoing it and reuploading.

You Again
My Mind's Sedate
The General Electic
Comfort Me!4ZFjUQrS!cgucj1NK8vx26vznCfbN8A

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