Friday, 10 May 2013

Robert Plant - 30 March 2013, Bluesfest

Pretty flat out at work at the moment, so I'll put this up without too much comment. I was pretty annoyed about the clash between Plant and the Stooges. I ended up choosing Plant because I figured the Stooges were more likely to be back soon. I ended up regretting that though, because this set didn't really do that much for me (and I really like his recent solo work, so it wasn't that). Spoonful is an amazing song, but the reworked version didn't do much for me (and I can't imagine anyone who knows the original would have much appreciation for this version). The Led Zeppelin songs were all competently done and well received, but the band seemed more like an above average bar band, rather than the type of outfit that should be backing someone of Robert Plant's stature.

The recording of this seems slightly better than the other two, not entirely sure why. Although it's somewhat undermined by the crowd, who were annoying on the day and manage to pervade this recording with their annoyingness (you can even hear the beginnings of a fight behind me).

[Note: for some reason the track order works fine on iTunes, but is off on my iPod. Not sure of why, if this comes up on your system try deleting the track numbers and putting them back in]!IZ0yCajR!AYhFUDhd7rZmtyX5ZkNhMQ

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