Friday, 3 May 2013

Neil Finn & Paul Kelly - Live from Sydney

I know someone who saw the Rolling Stones on their in/famous of Australia in 1973. There have only been a handful of tours/shows that I've seen where I think in twenty or thirty years people will be impressed (or even remember the band), but I certainly expect to have conversations in the future with people who find it unbelieveable that Neil Finn and Paul Kelly toured together and shared a stage and sang on each others songs.

For anyone that finds it hard to believe I can point them to this recording. It comes from the webcast of their final show of the tour at the Sydney Opera House. The set, as it was for the entire tour, is extensive and varied. The highlights are too many to mention (but if you insisted, it'd be hard to go past the two songs of each others that they sing on their own - Into Temptation and You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed). I might seem like I'm giving this show a big wrap, but I've been listening to this pretty much non-stop for the last week or so.

Unfortunately, while the sound is great, given its source, there were a couple of points where the sound dropped out (for some reason it's Kelly's songs that are affected - Before Too Long and One for the Ages). I've cut the silence, which makes it possible to miss them if you aren't paying attention, but they are a little annoying if you're listening closely.

As an added bonus I've included the short promo they produced, which includes snippets of a few songs in rehearal and some short interviews, plus the three songs they performed at the official tour announcement (also at the Sydney Opera House). The three songs are just the two of them performing with acoustic guitars, so are a little different to the performances from the show (particularly You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed, which was played on piano at the show).

Regardless of whether you attended this show, or any show on the tour, this is a must have for anyone who wants to hear two living legends at the height of their game.

[Almost forgot, for anyone who is a bit sensitive - the show does feature the use of a fairly rude word (what Neil describes eupemistically as 'the A word and the C word', before actually saying both)]

Don't Stand So Close to the Window
Four Seasons in One Day
Before Too Long
She Will Have Her Way
One for the Ages
Not the Girl You Think You Are
Leaps and Bounds
Won't Give In
Only Talking Sense
New Found Year
Into Temptation
You Can Put Your Shoes Uner My Bed
They Though I Was Asleep
Private Universe
One Step Ahead
Dumb Things
Deeper Water
Better Be Home Soon
How to Make Gravy
Distant Sun

Winter Coat
Fall At Your Feet
To Her Door
Don't Dream It's Over

Love is the Law
Message to My Girl
Words of Love

Moon River

Bonus Tracks:
Romp Through Australia 2013
Into Temptation
You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
Leaps and Bounds

[Link removed - this is to be officially released as 'Goin' My Way]

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