Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Click Click Click Kaching

Sooooo, I've been thinking for a while about including links to some of the CDs, books etc that I talk about, but it seemed a hassle, and I didn't necessary like the idea of promoting a business. But now I've found that I can organise links to Amazon that will make me a commission. MONEY. Anyway, my plan is to link to things I refer to in posts. I'll only ever do this when I think the thing I'm linking to is the best/cheapest option e.g. if a local store has it at a lower price I wouldn't encourage you to go to Amazon (or someone else to get it anyway). Also, I won't be creating posts simply on the basis they offer me an opportunity to link to something. So the question is - does anybody care about this either way? I'd rather not do this if people would find it annoying (I'll avoid the pop-up type links that always annoy me).  Thoughts? (silence will be interepreted as a ringing endorsement).

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