Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wilco - 28 March 2013, Hamer Hall

Wilco's second night in Melbourne was an improvement on the first in lots of ways - because the band knew there was a strict 11pm curfew, they could structure the set better, and made a conscious effort to fit in as much as they could (they still dropped New Madrid from the written setlist; hearing that would have blown my mind). The band also played a few rarer tunes compared to the first night. Lastly, any set that opens Art of Almost/I Might/Misunderstood is going to be tough to beat.

The band very rarely has an off  night but tonight (and pretty much the whole tour in fact) Nels Cline was in particularly great form. Jeff commented after he tore apart Impossible Germany; in typical self-effacing fashion Nels pointed out he messed up one of his pedals at the end.

The recording quality of this night was better than the first. It still sounds a bit rough when Jeff talks to the crowd, but the songs are generally good.

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