Thursday, 18 April 2013

Wilco - 30 March 2013, Bluesfest

This was the first of Wilco's two appearances at Bluesfest. I was expecting a very hits focussed set, but they played a few songs that wouldn't have been familiar to casual fans and lots from The Whole Love. It was a pretty good set and they managed to attract a large audience (Bluesfest is largely a classic rock festival - headliners were Robert Plant and Paul Simon - so there were plenty who didn't know Wilco). The crowd was mostly good, but I got stuck next to the people who claim (loudly) to be massive Wilco fans, and then proceed to spend most of the set talking (loudly) about what huge fans they are, before leaving part way through. Fortunately, it was a fairly noisy crowd so in the recording they aren't as annoying as they were at the time.

The recording quality is decent enough. The set was in a tent, so the acoustics aren't fantastic, but not awful either.!wUkA1TRA!N_luwVc7rG85Tnc4ArMl8w


  1. Sweet, love your work:)
    Did you catch Glen Hansard too?

  2. Hey, thanks for that. Unfortunately, this was the only day I was at, so no Glen Hansard.