Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cloud Nothings - 5 February 2013, Ding Dong Lounge

As promised, here's Cloud Nothing's Melbourne sideshow. The show was a bit of a letdown in that as soon as the band left the stage the venue's DJ started to play. The guys at the sounddesk were waving at him furiously to get him to stop playing so the band could do their encore, but by the time he got the message 80% of the crowd had left. What they did play was hit and miss, some really great stuff (Cut You is a great song), but a few that didn't sound so great (Fall In). Part of the problem was the volume of the show, plus the fact his voice was pretty rough initially). So overall, only an average show, but here it is for those that want it.

Fall In
Cut You
Stay Useless
Wasted Days
No Sentiment
Unknown new song
Our Plans
No Future/No Past!8R1h2KYZ!IWwA2HjfqY0QPaSmBrDwcg

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