Friday, 19 April 2013

Deer Tick - 9 February 2013, Northcote Social Club

Another old one. This was a double header with Two Gallants, who I'll put up soon. This show is a bit mixed. On one hand they're a really good band, but on the other the singer's voice was pretty shot. Overall, they're a band whose songs don't sound too bad with ragged busted up vocals, but still, it would've been nice if he hadn't had vocal problems (having said that, there is only one or two songs where its really noticeable, the rest of the time they sound great). Regardless, there probably aren't too many recordings of these guys, and the sound quality here is really nice, so hopefully a few people will enjoy this.

The Bump
Make Believe
Born Zero
Baltimore Blues No. 1
Main St
Walkin' Out the Door
Twenty Miles
Clownin' Around
Now It's Your Turn
Passing Through [Leonard Cohen Cover]
12 Bar Blues [NRBQ Cover]
Christ Jesus
Smith Hill
Down in a Hole [Alice in Chains cover] (snippet)
Art Isn't Real (Sin City)
These Old Shoes
Mange/Let's All Go to the Bar

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