Friday, 26 April 2013

The Drones - 21 March 2013, Vector Arena, Auckland

 Originally these guys were only scheduled to open for Neil Young at his winery shows, but he was so impressed with them he asked them to open for the rest of the tour. Good choice, these guys put on a great show and did a good job of warming up the small number of people that were there for them. Its a tough job to put on a great show to a handful of punters in a cavernous venue, but they gave it one hell of a go, and won over a lot of new fans.

The sound for this is really good. It sounds a bit like what it was - an enormous, but mostly empty, arena, but its clear and the crowd is pretty attentative. Only a short set, but worth it for Drones fans.

Sittin' on the Edge of the Bed Cryin'
The Minotaur
How to See Through the Fog
River of Tears
Shark Fin Blues
I Do Not Ever Want to Change

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