Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wilco - 27 March 2013, Hamer Hall

ABC Radio Recording

These guys are one of my absolute favourite bands, so I was incredibly excited to see them again after nearly three years. It certainly doesn't hurt that their current album is on a par with the best they've ever released.

There has been a lot of discussion among fans about using One Sunday Morning as an opener, its long and mellow, which some people said wasn't a great start to shows. I'd always thought it was a good opening choice, but I can see that they mean now. Still, its such a great song and it might  be hard to fit into the set elsewhere.

Particular highlights were the wonderful acoustic version of Spiders (Kidsmoke), both the tracks off A.M., and of course all the new material. The only downside was that the band had planned on playing substantially longer, but were caught out by Hamer Hall's strict 11pm curfew on weeknights. That resulted in seven or so songs being dropped.

Sound quality is pretty good. The dynamic range is pretty huge when you go from One Sunday Morning to A Shot in the Arm, so there is a tiny bit of static, but hopefully it isn't too noticeable. Having listened to this again I find the static really annoying. I tried to redo the whole thing, but it only results in a slight improvement and the whole thing sounds incredibly processed. I tried bumping up the input volume for one the other nights and ended up with a bit of distortion, so I'm thinking Wilco is just a hard band to record.

One Sunday Morning
Poor Places
Art of Almost
I Might
Sunken Treasure
Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Impossible Germany
Born Alone
Laminated Cat
Radio Cure
Handshake Drugs
Shouldn't Be Ashamed
Jesus., etc
Whole Love
Box Full of Letters
I'm Always in Love
Heavy Metal Drummer
Dawned on Me
A Shot in the Arm

The Late Greats
I'm the Man Who Loves You


WAV Download

Update: ABC radio recorded this and streamed it on the website. This is my rip and processing of the stream. It's soundboard quality and is a much better listen than my recording. I'll leave my one's up, but for most people, this will be the one to get:

ABC Radio Recording

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