Monday, 1 April 2013

More Mediafire Problems

So I've been having a few problems with Mediafire of late. Just generally doing dumb and annoying things that make it harder to distribute stuff. Their latest move is to reduce the amount of space I have (without paying) from 100GB down to 10GB. Unfortunately that means rather than running out of space in five years or so, I have pretty much no space left to upload anything. I could get some more space by posting things on facebook, tweeting about mediafire, or paying. But given their general shittyness I'd rather just look elsewhere. Unfortunately that will mean a short delay in posting while I figure out what the best alternative is (any suggestions are welcome).

FYI: obviously WAV files take up a lot more space; the thing that took me to the limit was the Neil Young show in WAV, so if you want that make to check the original post.

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