Friday, 28 October 2011

Chris Cornell Poster

Thanks to everyone who has come for the first Chris Cornell show, hope you enjoyed it (if anyone has any comments, particularly flattery but constructive criticism too, they'd be appreciated). 

While you wait for the second show, I thought I'd post this, which might be of interest.  There was an option to pay $199 for a ticket that guaranteed a seat in the front 15 rows, a wrist band, pre-show drinks and nibbles, and a poster signed and numbered by the poster artist.  The poster was the main thing in that package that tempted me, but in the end I couldn't justify the cost.  But now a limited number of the posters are available for sale from the artist's (Munk One) website.  Each poster costs $US45, but a ridiculous $29 for shipping.  Nonetheless, $75 all up isn't too bad.  If anyone wants one the link is below.  Only 30 are available, out of a total of 600.

Munk One Chris Cornell Poster

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