Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Wilco Book CD

As a big Wilco fan I check the fan site http://forums.viachicago.org/ on pretty much a daily basis.  The bands website doesn't have a forum on it, so this is pretty much the de facto official forum (people comment there on behalf of the band).

Recently, someone there asked for a copy of the CD from the Wilco Book.  For those who don't know Wilco released a book in 2004 that included various photos, diagrams, interviews, and other ephemera related to the band.  The book also included a CD of experimental music from the A Ghost is Born sessions.

In an interview Jeff Tweedy had mentioned that the band did a lot of experimenting at the time, such as setting up the studio so that members of the band could only hear a limited amount of what the others were playing.  I assume that these are from that experimentation.  Regardless, there are some pretty interesting things here, particularly for the hardcore fan, who will enjoy the more experimental versions of Hummingbird, and Company in My Back (titled Pure Bug Beauty on the CD).

As I've mentioned, this stuff is much more experimental than Wilco's other material, so those looking for the great lost Wilco album are better off checking out the various Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos (which I will probably put up as part of my series of great bootlegs).  Note: the YHF demos are available from the Owl and Bear Archive (see links).

Lastly, for those who are concerned - I will never put up commercially available material.  However, this CD was difficult to get at the best of times, and is now out of print.  I put up a couple of comments at Via Chicago inviting anyone associated with the band to veto this, and no one did.  Nonetheless, if anyone has a problem contact me via email, or leave a comment, and I will take down the link.

Here it is:

Pure Bug Beauty
This is New
Diamond Claw
This is New (The Explanation)
What Good Am I
Here Comes Everybody
The High Heat
Barnyard Pimp

[Update: apparently the old link was broken, so I've added a new one. If any links are broken for things you want send me an email]


Lastly - I know lots of people are waiting for the Chris Cornell shows.  The first one is nearly done, and I'm hoping that the second one will follow relatively quickly since I did some of the processing simultaneously.

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