Monday, 24 October 2011

Will Sheff - 16 October 2011 at the Toff in Town

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When I started taping it was for shows like this.  Amazing performances that I (and hopefully others) would want to relisten to.  Thankfully the audience at this show was also great, and the recording turned out really well. 

I'm not planning on saying too much about the show, hopefully people will download it and make their own minds up.  The key points for me - a great set with songs I never thought I'd get to hear (e.g. The Presidents Dead), and reworkings of old songs (the version of For Real was worth the price of admission alone).  The only real let down was that the version of Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe was pretty bad.  I hoped that he would come out and play one of the songs I'd assumed we'd hear but hadn't (Westfall, Okkervil River Song) so that the show would end on the note it deserved, but sadly he didn't.  Nonetheless, this was a great show that deserves a listen.

Lay of the Last Survivor
Plus Ones
A King and a Queen
Happy Hearts
Your Past Life as a Blast
Wake and Be Fine
The President's Dead
I Guess We Lost
A Stone
Unless It's Kicks
The Valley
For Real

Love to a Monster
Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe

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