Monday, 17 October 2011

Okkervil River - Lighting Design

OK, so compared to having a decent recording of the whole show this isn't much, but it is kind of interesting.  As usual after the show I tried to grab a copy of the setlist.  This time the guy handed me a handful of papers, which was weird.  Having a look through them I realised he had given me the lighting design notes, as well as the setlist.  This might be interesting for Okkervil River trainspotters (or lighting design geeks I guess), for others - not so much.

A couple of interesting things to note - don't expect to see any purples, magentas, light blues or light yellows on this tour.  Expect to hear So Come Back I Am Waiting at every show.  The numbering for the setlist is all over the place.  I assume this is because they have a list of songs with lighting instructions and cut and paste them for the setlist.  Based on the numbering I suspect they have 31+ songs worked up for the tour (including covers).  From the two shows they've played that I've seen setlists for (no Meeniyan setlist) they've only played 18 different songs, so there is some room for variation in the upcoming sets (although the numbering also suggests the first five songs are fixed, and the first seven or eight won't see much variation).

Anyway, still feeling bad about the recording fail, but the second OR treat is much better than this one.

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