Thursday, 13 October 2011

Liam Finn - 18 August 2011 at the Worker's Club, Melbourne

The day before his show at the Corner Hotel Liam had a warm up gig at the Worker's Club.  This one was just him and EJ Barnes, the same as the setup for his previous tours.  Unfortunately, having never been to the Worker's Club before, I got lost on the way and missed the first few songs.  Here is what I got (if anyone knows the first few songs please tell me):

Fire in Your Belly
Gather to the Chapel
Energy Spent
Don't Even Know Your Name (w/ Jol Mulholland)
Cold Feet (w/ Jol Mulholland and Elroy Finn)
On Your Side
Honest Face
Chase the Seasons
Second Chance
Lead Balloon

Again, like the following night, this show was marred by an extraordinarily talkative crowd.  Liam and EJ didn't seem to mind (or perhaps it was better towards the front).  I haven't put this recording up because of the quality of the crowd, and the fact that this isn't a complete recording.  If anyone wants it leave a comment and I'll make it available.

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