Thursday, 13 October 2011

Liam Finn - 19 August 2011 at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Apparently at least two people have visited this blog, neither of which are my Mum.  That is (literally) infinitely more interest than I anticipated so, as promised, here is the first recording - Liam Finn at the Corner Hotel. 

In terms of quality I'm a bit torn by this show, on one hand the performance is really good, on the other the crowd (particularly around me) were apallingly talkative (as you'll hear if you download).  The set was also somewhat affected by gear problems in the encore, which resulted in no bass in Jump Your Bones, and Gather to the Chapel being dropped from the setlist. 

My intention for the shows I upload is to give you an idea of the overall quality, taking into account the quality of the recording, the crowd, the performance, and anything else that affects the listening experience.  My rating for this show: 6.5 out of 10 (it would have been higher if not for the crowd).

The setlist:

I'll Be Lightning
Better to Be
Neurotic World
Energy Spent
The Struggle
Real Late
Plane Crash
Don't Even Know Your Name
Wise Man
Roll of the Eye
Second Chance
Lead Balloon

Jump Your Bones
(Gather to the Chapel - dropped from the setlist because of gear problems)
Wide Awake on the Voyage Home

Look for a link to be posted in the next few hours.  Done.

PS - For those unaware of it, Liam Finn actually has two official live shows available (unfortunately none for the current album).  You can get them for $US10 each (plus postage) from the link below.  I have both and can recommend them.

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