Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Okkervil River Gossip

Whether this is gossip depends on if you use the definition that says it must be sensational, or the one that says it can be trivial.  This is of the trivial (but a little interesting) kind.  At Will Sheff's show on Sunday (yes it was awesome, yes it was taped) prior to playing I Guess We Lost he mentioned it was from the EP of I Am Very Far b-sides they've released.  As far as I can tell that EP hasn't been released or even announced yet.  So there you go - look out for an EP from Okkervil River pretty soon.

In other news - I'm having some internet woes that will prevent me from uploading any shows this week.  Booker T Jones will be up as soon as I can, followed by Will Sheff's solo show.

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