Friday, 14 October 2011

Big Boi - 3 September 2011 at the Palace, Melbourne

Although Andre 3000 gets most of the credit regarding Outkast, I think Big Boi is underrated.  His material for Speakerboxxx was better (although perhaps not as innovative) as Andrew 3000's.  So I was keen to see him when he played here on the tour for his new album. 

There is a saying that you should never meet your idols because they can only let you down.  Big Boi is far from being one of my idols, but having seen him live my opinion of him is much worse than it was.  The performance was fairly flat, but that happens sometimes.  A video show that consisted of the videos for the songs being played was redundant and detracted from the performance.  But worse were the varied hip hop cliches.  From the skanky girls invited to dance on stage at various points, to the periodic requests to 'put your motherfuckin hands in the air', there were enough cringeworthy moments to go round.  Lots of people in the crowd were too busy working on their gangsta impersonations to notice though.

That said, the quality of the recording isn't bad.  The sound is somewhat muffled, but that was what it was like at the venue.  As I mentioned previously, I intend to give a quality rating for all the shows I put up - in this case I would give this a 4.0.  Unless somebody requests a show I won't put it up if it rates less than 5.0 - so if you want this, comment.  In the meantime, here is the setlist:

Skew it on the Bar-B
Rosa Parks
So Fresh, So Clean
Ms Jackson
General Patton
Follow Us
Ghetto Muzik
Star Wars
The Way You Move
Player's Ball/We Will Rock You
Shine Blockas
Fo Yo Sorrows
Tell C-Bone

(Unknown Track - any help would be appreciated)
Ain't No DJ

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