Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Chris Cornell - 20 October 2011, at the Palais

My reaction to the first Cornell show was a bit lukewarm, but I thought his singing and the overall performance at this show were better than the first (my opinion of the first show has increased a bit with repeated listens too).  The crowd were much more vocal too, which he seemed to appreciate (though if you're going to yell out song requests why waste your time yelling for Hungerstrike when thats a song he plays every single night?).

On the other hand the girl next to me talked most of the way through the show (and manages to be heard on a few songs) - I don't really get why you'd want to pay $90 to go to a show and talk through it, but even if you do, please don't since you ruin it for the people that actually want to listen (not that she seemed to care).

The highpoints for me were Man of Golden Words, State Trooper (perhaps he could use a bit more looping in future?), Doesn't Remind Me, and A Day in the Life.  The low points - stupid talking girl, and Redemption Song (it's a great song, but I find it hard to take people seriously who play it acoustically, unless they happen to be Bob Marley).


Problem Child
I Am the Highway
Sweet Euphoria
You Know My Name
Fell on Black Days
Billie Jean
All Night Thing
Man of Golden Words/Comfortably Numb
As Hope and Promise Fade
Burden in My Hand
Like a Stone
Preaching the End of the World
When I'm Down
State Trooper
Can't Change Me
Redemption Song
Black Hole Sun
Doesn't Remind Me
A Day in the Life

Wide Awake
Thank You


  1. Thanks for putting this up! I was looking forward to hearing "Day in the Life" and "Man of Golden Words" again.

  2. Thanks, both those songs were great. Unfortunately 'talkative girl' is doing her thing through Man of Golden Words, but hopefully you can still enjoy it.