Tuesday, 27 November 2012

War on Drugs - 13 November 2012, Northcote Social Club

I’ve already raved about the greatness that is the War on Drugs, so I won’t repeat that (actually that’s a promise I can’t keep - . But I did mention that the only letdown at their Harvest set was the fact the crowd wasn’t that into it. That wasn’t a problem at the Northcote Social Club – the band had sold out the venue (I’ve never seen it so full) and the crowd were strangely intense and focussed. The band repaid this with a set drawing from both their albums, and finishing up with a 12 minute version of A Needle in Your Eye #16 (sometimes drawing out songs like this can just result in a boring meandering, but the band are pretty adept at hypnotic jamming when the mood takes them). Some people might have been disappointed by the fact there wasn’t an encore, but the two songs listed for the encore ended up being played in the main set, and really, the band probably couldn’t have done much to top the way they ended their set anyway.

There’s a little bit of distortion in the recording, but not much (the band were really really loud). Likewise, there’s a tiny bit of talking through bits of it, but not much. This was an amazing show; I’m hoping they make a return trip next year.

Your Love is Calling My Name
The Animator
Come to the City
Comin’ Through
Best Night
Taking the Farm
I Was There
Baby Missiles
Black Water Falls
Buenos Aires Beach
Arms Like Boulders
A Needle in Your Eye #16 


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