Friday, 9 November 2012

Gomez - 22 October 2012, Corner Hotel

[A little note: there is a ton of stuff coming up, so shows might either start coming thick and fast or I might have no time to do anything, hopefully the former]

Most of the best gigs I’ve been to this year have been when I couldn’t be bothered, but had already got a ticket. And what better reason to not bother than a Monday night show from a band I’m not a huge fan of, but wanted to see once (or at least I did before this show). Sure enough, really not wanting to bother, and got a stunning show.

The band’s Quinceañera tour (literally ‘one who is fifteen’, thanks Wikipedia) includes a bit of fan participation even before the shows, with the ability to request songs. I’d read an interview where they said it was a waste of time to request the hits, since they play those every night, so I requested songs I thought should be hits, but don’t seem to get played much. I’m not sure how many other people bothered, but three of the five songs I requested got played.

Although I heard someone complaining about the crowd, I didn’t they were bad, particularly for a Monday night (who plays a Sunday/Monday double header?!?). There was a bit of a lull through the middle of the set, where they seemed to lose the crowd a bit (you can tell on the recording because there’s a bit of talk for a while, whereas early on there isn’t any). Given they were including a few rarities, I thought they managed to pace the set nicely. As a casual fan I managed to enjoy the show a lot. Enough that I’m now a bit of a convert, and will definitely go see them next time they tour (which, admittedly, isn’t likely to be anytime soon).

The sound for this is mostly outstanding. That mid-set lull brings it down slightly, but for the most this could almost be an official recording (big call I know, but check it out, I’m very pleased with myself). This is one of a small handful of shows I can recommend for download regardless of whether you were there or not.

Bring It On
Shot Shot
I Will Take You There
Rhythm and Blues Alibi
Meet Me in the City
Get Myself Arrested
The Place and the People
We Haven’t Turned Around
Revolutionary Kind
Bring Your Lovin’ Back
Ruff Stuff
Whippin’ Picadilly

Tijuana Lady
Devil Will Ride
How We Operate

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