Monday, 5 November 2012

The Black Keys - 1 November 2012, Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Having cancelled their last Australian tour with just a few days notice, the Black Keys finally made it back to Australia. They've managed to slowly work their way up from pretty small venues to now playing Sidney Myer Music Bowl. And while it's hard to begrudge them their success, I was a bit worried that their new fans would be the type who go nuts when the singles get played, and are then obnoxious for the rest of the show. Going in with low expectations seems to be a surefire way of guaranteeing a great show, and this was no different.

The band focussed on their latest two albums, throwing in three tracks from Attack and Release, and just two from their earlier albums. While I would have liked a more varied setlist, the new stuff is good enough to be able to sustain a concert (talking about a varied setlist, whats up with playing the same setlist every single night?).

The addition of two more musicians didn't seem to add much, and (surprisingly) the half of the show featuring just the two of them sounded more powerful.

Soundwise, I'm slowly getting better at recording very loud and very quiet shows, but its hard and I've not got it down yet. The sound for this is generally good, but at the opening of the set when the crowd is going nuts and the announcer is yelling theres some distortion. And likewise as things get loud towards the end. This is still a good show, but be warned that the sound isn't perfect.

Howlin’ for You
Next Girl
Run Right Back
Same Old Thing
Dead and Gone
Gold on the Ceiling
Girl is on my Mind
Your Touch
Little Black Submarines
Money Maker
Strange Times
Sinister Kid
Nova Baby
Ten Cent Pistol
She’s Long Gone
Tighten Up
Lonely Boy

Everlasting Light
I Got Mine

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