Sunday, 18 November 2012

Radiohead - 17 November 2012, Rod Laver Arena

Final night of the world tour, and while the band didn't play anything completely leftfield, there were lots of songs that have only made infrequent appearances on this years setlists. Unlike last night, Rod Laver filled up on time and the band only came out five minutes late (also like last night there was quite a lot of room in general admission, which must really annoy everyone that missed out on tickets). It's hard for me to judge the quality of some parts of this, because the visuals are almost a show in and of themselves (I'm not sure whether You and Whose Army? was amazing, or if it's just the memory of the somewhat creepy super extreme Thom Yorke closeup).

The sound for this is really good (a bit better than the first night because I did a better job setting levels and had less talking around me). I've also started converting a few tracks to mono where someone on one side is talking a lot (the Beck recording from Harvest has someone talking almost throughout and I think this trick might save it).

The only thing left to say is that hopefully we don't have to wait eight more years (or nearly 15 if you're in New Zealand!) for another tour (they must nearly have a full album of songs ready with The Daily Mail, Staircase, Supercollider, Ful Stop, Identikit, and These Are My Twisted Words (if they wanted to go back to an older unreleased-on-an-album track)).

Lotus Flower
There There
The Daily Mail
The Gloaming
Kid A
How to Disappear Completely
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Ful Stop
You and Whose Army?
Paranoid Android

Exit Music (for a Film)
These Are My Twisted Words
Pyramid Song
Planet Telex

Give Up the Ghost
True Love Waits/Everything in it's Right Place

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  1. Any chance for flacs on these? thanks so much!!!