Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Harry Hookey - 27 October 2012, Regent Theatre

I don’t usually bother with opening acts unless they’re someone I know or have heard good things about. That’s undoubtedly a bad thing since it means I miss out on discovering great new bands (I stumbled on Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! by turning up early for a St Vincent show). Similarly, I turned up early for Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson, solely because there wasn’t a start time listed. Also fortunate – because I wasn’t sure if they were coming on early or it was an opener – I started recording when the lights went down. The good fortune was that Harry Hookey, who opened the set, is an amazing singer-songwriter. Quite how he’s managed to escape serious attention so far can only be due to the fact he’s still young and hasn’t yet released an album (just an EP). Despite that, he has the full package, a great voice, great songs, and a budding stage presence (at times he was clearly a bit in awe of the fact he was playing such a large venue, but I hope it’s something he has to get used to).

The sound for this is good. There is a tiny bit of chatter at times, but he generally managed to keep the crowd sufficiently interested that this was minimal. I’ve done my best to figure out the song titles, but wasn’t able to get everything. Anything in quotation marks is my best guess, mainly to prevent there being blank song titles. I’ll update this if anyone knows the official titles, or if they get revealed when he next releases something. This is a guy to watch out for.

‘Lovin’ Touch’
Rolling Wheel
Audrey’s Song
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
‘Let Me Die in My Own Bed’
Salvation Jane

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