Friday, 30 November 2012

Dave Dobbyn - 14 November 2012, Corner Hotel

The advantage of seeing big names of New Zealand music in Australia is that they tend to play much smaller venues than they would in their home country. The downside is that the shows are usually packed wall to wall with obnoxious ex-pats. This show had the former, but not too much of the latter, which made it more enjoyable than these things sometimes are.  It also helped that Dave Dobbyn is currently touring a greatest hits release, which offered an ideal opportunity for Australian audiences to reacquaint themselves with his impressive back catalogue, given he hasn’t toured here for nearly 20 years.

It didn’t hurt that he’d also brought an impressive band with him (although it doesn’t come through much on the recording, the bass player was particularly good). While Dobbyn frequently commented on how much fun he was having, this show didn’t really manage to move from very good to great. I can’t put my finger on what it needed, but something extra from the band or the crowd could have lifted this. Even so, this is a good show that’s worth a listen.

The first couple of songs here have a bit of occasional distortion (I think these recordings have a bit more power than the stuff I did a while back, but in future I’ll reduce the input volume to try to remove the distortion). After that the sound is really good.

Lap of the Gods
Hanging in the Wire
Pour the Wine
Rain on Fire
Beside You
Just Add Water
Outlook for Thursday
Be Mine Tonight
Devil You Know
Love You Like I Should

Blindman’s Bend
This Town
Welcome Home

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  1. Thanks for this slice of the great Dave Dobbyn live!