Thursday, 8 March 2012

Soundgarden - 1 February 2012, Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Given how long ago it was my memories of this show are a bit vague.  The two things that stand out were how incredibly bad the sound was, and what an awful mood Ben Shepherd was in.  The former was reinforced by listening to the show again.  The performance itself is very good, but its hard to look past the muddy sound which featured throughout the set.  I'd heard that Sidney Myer was a bad venue, but that BDO headliners used it because Rod Laver was used for the Australian Open at the same time.  However, the final of the tennis was on Sunday, and this show was on the following Wednesday - surely enough time to make any necessary changes?
Anyway, I should also mention that I fucked up a bit and only managed to get the set from Pretty Noose onwards.  Normally I wouldn't bother putting up a partial show, but given the level of interest in Soundgarden, and the fact that no other versions have appeared I'll make this one available.

Searching with my Good Eye Closed (not recorded)
Spoonman (not recorded)
Jesus Christ Pose (not recorded)
Hands All Over (not recorded)
Blow Up the Outside World (not recorded)
Hunted Down (not recorded)
Drawing Flies (not recorded)
My Wave (not recorded)
The Day I Tried to Live (not recorded)
Pretty Noose
Burden in My Hand
Fell on Black Days
Ty Cobb
Rusty Cage
Let Me Drown
Black Hole Sun
Loud Love
Band Intros
4th of July

Beyond the Wheel
I Awake
Slaves & Bulldozers/In My Time of Dying

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