Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jason Isbell - 2 March 2012, Northcote Social Club

I’ve already said a bit about Jason Isbell when posting his set opening for Ryan Adams, so I won’t add a lot here.  Suffice to say that having heard a full set and an opening one I’m now a fan.

I think its fair to say that a few people at this show were hoping for a surprise Ryan Adams appearance (it didn’t happen), and got quite excited when he mentioned that he would be bringing a friend out after the next song.  In the end the friend was Amanda Shires who played violin for the remainder of the set.

The set itself mixed Drive-By Truckers songs, with material from throughout his career.  Tossing in a couple of covers, and giving Amanda Shires a chance to play a song added up to a long and very satisfying show.
The sound for this is pretty good.  Northcote Social Club is a small venue (which I like) but it does tend to mean people feel free to talk a lot.  This becomes more noticeable as the first set goes on, but for whatever reason the crowd seemed to thin out a bit for the second set, and the talking abated somewhat.

Go It Alone
Tour of Duty
Save it for Sunday
Never Gonna Change
Rebels [Tom Petty cover]
Goddamn Lonely Love
Cigarettes & Wine
The Magician
Decoration Day

We've Met
The Blue
Play a Train Song [Todd Snider cover]
Daisy Mae
In a Razor Town
Alabama Pines
Swimmer [Amanda Shires]

Dress Blues

Set 1:

Set 2:

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  1. this concert looks really interesting. unfortunately the links are no longer valid. a re-up would be much appreciated.