Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Free show!

I don't usually spruik things here, but I'll make an exception now (and reserve the right to do so in the future).  One of my favourite criminally underrated bands The Eastern are playing a free show in Melbourne tomorrow night to promote their new album.  The gig is at the Retreat Hotel in Brunswick.  If you don't have anything to do you might want to come along.

The Eastern sound a little like the Jayhawks or Gillian Welch, with a Springsteen-esque singer (in that he has a great voice, bellows out the songs, and has a way with punch the air, Born to Run type lyrics).  I'm sure there are a bunch of songs you can listen to on their site (my recommendation is Crow River (for the Springsteen-esque) or This is the Always (for the Gillain Welch)).

Note: I don't have any connection with the band (although I'd be more than happy to accept free CDs, merch, tickets, drinks etc)

Update: Really great show with the band in fine form (despite some technical problems and Adam's voice being a bit hoarse).  For those that missed out they will be doing a very long Australian tour starting next month, including three shows in Melbourne.

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