Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Jason Isbell - 3 March 2012, Regent Theatre

Every opening act hopes to be able to capture a few new fans with their short set, and I'm pretty sure Jason Isbell succeeded in that aim.  Personally, its been his songs, rather than Ryan Adams', that have been in my head the last few days.  Before he was announced as support for the tour I had heard of Jason Isbell, but never actually heard him.  Now I'm hanging out for his latest release to arrive in the post.
To the show - as you would expect the place was only about a third full when Isbell came on stage, but those that were there were treated to a great set mixing songs from his new album Here We Rest, with Drive-By Truckers songs, and throwing in a Richard Thompson cover. 
Recording wise this came out very well, the only downside is that you can occassionally here some talking as people find their seats (particularly during Go It Alone).

Tour of Duty
Go It Alone
Alabama Pines
Goddamn Lonely Love
Keep Your Distance


  1. Thanks heaps for recording this concert. I am a big Ryan Adams fan, so am hanging out for that recording, but I also loved Jason Isbell's set. The damned woman who was sitting next to me kept talking to me and distracting me during his set, so I'll be able to listen to it undisturbed.

  2. Thanks, I'm currently working on the RDA set, so hopefully it will be up pretty soon. Unfortunately there is a little bit of talking during Jason's set (mainly people finding their seats so thankfully it isn't as big a problem during Ryan Adam's set), but its still a really good listen (if I do say so myself).

  3. Oh I agree totally, having just listened to it. I burnt it to CD to get a better quality sound and found it entrancing.