Monday, 27 January 2014

The Phoenix Foundation - Big Day Out (Auckland), 17 January 2014

These guys don't have a big following in Australia, so there might not be too much interest in this recording. If that's the case it'd be a pity because they're a really really good band, and this is a pretty decent recording.

Despite not being a band with a bunch of radio hits or a huge following, they put on a really good show that engaged the moderately sized crowd in attendance. The set mixes songs from across their entire career, and they even throw in a new track (a bit ballsy at a festival, but it's a really good song [Bob Lennon & John Dylan] and didn't lose the crowd). It'd be nice if these guys came across at some stage, hopefully a few people will check this out and go along if they do.

40 Years
Bitte Bitte
Orange & Mango
Bob Lennon & John Dylan
Bright Grey
Sideways Glance

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