Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Leonard Cohen - Rod Laver Arena, 20 November 2013

This is the third time Leonard Cohen has toured Australia since he came out of retirement. I saw a show on the first tour and it was a magical experience (that's a pretty overused term, but people who have seen him will know what I mean). This time round the magic has faded slightly, partly because the crowd no longer feels the need to be as attentive, so there was a bit of blabbing around me. Despite this, these shows are still a lot better than most of what gets dished up, particularly by 'nostalgia' acts.

Even though I like his new album, Old Ideas, the run of three new songs at the end of the first set was the weakest portion of the show. They aren't bad songs, but when put in the context of his best work, they don't really match up. Other than that, this is a really good show, the sound is excellent (he seems to have some of the best sound people going round), his singing and the band's performance are excellent, and the setlist (despite never varying much) is very good.

Dance Me to the End of Love
The Future
Bird on a Wire
Everybody Knows
Who By Fire
Come Healing
Lover, Lover, Lover
Tower of Song

Chelsea Hotel #2
The Partisan
Alexandra Leaving
I'm Your Man
A Thousand Kisses Deep
Take This Waltz

So Long, Marianne
Going Home
First We Take Manhattan

Famous Blue Raincoat
If It Be Your Will
Closing Time

I Tried To Leave You!FI8BUAJR!NeAzWSpK_jli0Vs_aczIFA

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