Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dave Dobbyn & Don McGlashan - Thornbury Theatre, 28 November 2013

Like I said earlier, lots of concerts to sort out, including a few old ones. Finally got round to sorting this one out, and it's actually really good. I was a bit late getting to the venue, so there is a tiny bit of russling as they come onstage, but things are sorted by the first song.

The setlist wasn't what I would have gone for, but it is pretty varied and includes a lot of great songs. The crowd was fairly small, but enthusiastic. Lots of New Zealanders I suspect, which usually means people looking for a taste of home, but not actually interested in paying any attention. Fortunately, this crowd is boisterous, but focussed on the music.

If you like this one, I also recorded Dave Dobbyn and Don McGlashan's last solo shows in Melbourne. You can find them via the links on the right.

Beside You
Queen of the Night
Up Above the Rain
Last Year's Shoes
It Dawned on Me
White Valiant
Song of the Year

Blindman's Bend
While You Sleep
Kingdom Come
Toy Factory Fire
Girl Make Your Own Mind Up
Maybe the Rain
Bathe in the River
Anchor Me

Dominion Road
Welcome Home!4VE3jRgI!v3YOhWZg401bgF1fddH_PA

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