Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pearl Jam - Anything in Between

For anyone who wants a more bite size dose of Pearl Jam, here's a relatively rare disc. This was circulated internally within their record company to set out the type of thing that they were imagining Lost Dogs might be. Although some of the material ended up on Lost Dogs (or released elsewhere), some of this has never seen the light of day. Probably no real hidden gems, but still some solid songs.

I know said when I put up Pearl Jam's Xmas singles that I wasn't going to put up a live show since they're all so easily available, but I've changed my mind somewhat. Since there are some great sites that cover everything you could ever want, I'll put up a post linking to what I think are the best shows covering Pearl Jam's career.

Anything in Between
In the Moonlight
Wishing Well
Puzzles and Games
Sweet Lew
Hold On
Just a Girl
Don't Gimme No Lip
Bee Girl
Against the 70's
New Jeremy


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